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To learn more about natural methods for treating your shoulder pain, rotator cuff tear, or impingement syndrome, the following sections are provided:
causes of shoulder pain

Why shoulders get hurt so easily?
What happens to rotator cuff muscles in an injury?
How does scarring affect healing?
How common activities and sports lead to shoulder pain or a rotator cuff tear

shoulder pain treatment Non-invasive, Non-surgical, Natural
For shoulder pain, rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder and impingement syndrome
Affective shoulder treatments
Healthy! No side affects!
active release technique The most effective, non-invasive treatment for most causes of shoulder pain
diagnosing shoulder pain Understanding your specific shoulder diagnosis
What is going wrong inside your shoulder
How non-invasive treatments help your specific shoulder diagnosis


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san jose shoulder doc
Whether you're a weekend warrior, desk jocky or professionl athlete, we have many encouraging success stories of people recovering from shoulder pain. Injuries such as rotator cuff tears, impingement syndrome, tendonitis and frozen shoulder are resolving quickly and permanently, without surgery! Even cases of failed surgeries are resolving with simple, non-invasive care
JASON HERR, San Jose Police Officer

FRANK SHAMROCK, 5 Time Undefeated Ultimate Fighting Champion

Officer Beats Crippling Shoulder Pain; Wins Gold Medal at World Police Olympics

Jason had originally injured his right shoulder while on duty. The shoulder was so bad that at times he could not even lie on his right side without extreme pain. Needless to say, this made sleeping very difficult.
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Stiffness From a Surgery Held Back Frank's Punches... 'Till He Tried This Simple Solution

"I hurt my shoulder throwing a punch so hard my rotator cuff tendon tore in half on the follow-thru. I had the surgery to sew the tendon back together, but it just wasn't the same. My punches seemed to be stiff and not as fluid as they were before..."
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MILOS SARCEV, Former Mr. Universe
GINA KEHR, #1 U.S. Finisher Kona Ironman 2002 (#12 Pro Female)

New Treatment Saves Milos Sarcev From Surgery

"All the doctors said I needed surgery for impingement syndrome in both shoulders. After one treatment, I rebooked all my competitions and trained to be in the best shape of my life..."
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New Shoulder Therapy Rescues Triathlete's Drowning Career

"My chronic shoulder pain had flared up so badly that I could no longer complete my swim workouts ... and it woke me from a deep sleep almost every night...Now because of Dr. Janzen and ART therapy I've had one of my best seasons yet!"
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KENNY LOGGINS, Singer/Writer

Tendonitis Pain Instantly Relieved With Non-Surgical Technique

"Now-a-days I insist on ART... Within one session Dr. Janzen took all the pain from my tendonitis away..."
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Active Release Technique expertise is found right here in the heart of Silicon Valley. Do something about your shoulder pain now and get back to an active and pain free lifestyle.


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