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Are you down because of your shoulder pain? Then why don't you consult our experienced Campbell sports doctors? Our Campbell sports doctors will show you how to get rid of your shoulder pain.

Medical researchers and clinicians have found that the primary cause of shoulder damage is adhesions (scar tissue). The solution to this problem is to remove the adhesions from the muscles in your shoulder. Removing adhesions is the best way to fix most people's shoulder problems.

However, some athletes and/or athletic individuals choose to undergo surgery as a first option for removing the adhesions.

As you are well aware, surgery is an extremely time-consuming and sometimes hazardous affair. Although there are surgical procedures designed for removing adhesions in various parts of the body, not all adhesions need to be removed via surgical procedure.

Our Campbell sports doctors have the conservative, proven solution. We have combined our engineering background with our intricate knowledge of the human anatomy. Our Campbell sports doctors have successfully implemented principles of friction and tension to individual muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments of your body, and the outcome is fantastic.

What is our solution? Active Release Techniques or A.R.T.

It's a non-surgical system for diagnosing and treating adhesions within the muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments of your body.

ART is based on the principles of friction and tension to actually "tear" or "shear" adhesions away from muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments. Our innovative Active Release Techniques are different from deep tissue message and Rolfing, which utilize a "kneading motion" or deep pressure to try to smash the adhesion.

ART tears away tissue from the adhesions permanently.