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If you have shoulder pain, aches, or a rotator cuff injury, then you can count on the doctors at Janzen and Janzen

For healthy shoulders, count on highly specialized shoulder pain doctors right in the city of Campbell, California. If you are looking for an experienced s doctor to treat your shoulder pain, you have come to the right place on the web.

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For rotator cuff injury, you can rely on us. We have got the best rotator cuff doctors just down the road from Los Gatos. Players associated with weightlifting, rowing, swimming, football often injure their shoulders due to improper training schedule and lack of awareness. If you allow the shoulder injury to aggravate, your career will be at risk. However, thank to our experienced and proficient rotator cuff doctor in Los Gatos , you will be able to get rid of rotator cuff injury for good.

Our rotator cuff doctor in Los Gatos has developed an exquisite rehabilitation program that will restore your shoulder. And for that, you won't have to undergo any surgery. That's the hallmark of our innovative rotator cuff treatment program. If you are a weightlifter and trying to lift too much weight too soon, you might be going more harm to your rotator cuff. Even if you are warming up and training smart, weight lifting can still lead to rotator cuff damage due to repetitive strain on the muscles stressing the tissues to the point of tearing. Add to that incorrect training program.

If you are swimmer or rower, your rotator cuff is definitely going through strain. That could lead to rotator cuff injury. Thanks to our rotator cuff doctor in Los Gatos , you can now get rid of any type of rotator cuff injury. Our rotator cuff treatment program will cure the damage without surgery. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our experts for more information now.