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If you are suffering from a rotator cuff injury in San Jose , it's time to consult a qualified rotator cuff doctor in San Jose. We thrive on offering the services of an experienced Rotator Cuff Doctor in San Jose who brings in years of experience to the job in treating various rotator cuff injuries. No more can you need to leave your home and go on searching for the services of a top class Rotator Cuff Doctor in San Jose . No more can you need to pay a huge sum. We make rotator cuff treatment affordable without compromising on the quality of service we provide. The shoulder bones are held together by a group of muscles that are called the rotator cuff muscles. Rotator cuff muscles are responsible for the shoulder's fine movements.

Because of the shoulder's shallow socket and lack of ligaments, rotator cuff muscles are prone to sliding way out of the socket, resulting in a partial dislocation, or subluxation. Sometimes, rotator cuff may result in full dislocation. A sudden sharp pain in the shoulder signals a possible rupture of a tendon, while a gradual onset is more likely to be inflammation. If you are experiencing pain on overhead activity such as throwing or racket sports, difficulty bending the arm and rotating it outwards, experiencing pain on the outside of the shoulder, shoulder pain that gets aggravated in the night, or stiffness in shoulder joint, our rotator cuff doctor in San Jose offers top class treatment. Usually, a rotator cuff injury ranges from an inflammation of the muscle without any permanent damage to a complete or partial tear of the muscle that might require surgery to fix it.

As a person ages, the muscle and tendon tissue of the rotator cuff loses elasticity and becomes more susceptible to injuries. This is one of the reasons rotator cuff tears are more commonly among older patients. Our rotator cuff doctor in San Jose treats rotator cuff injury by various methods such as prescribing anti-inflammatory medication, applying ultrasound or laser treatment, prescribe a rehabilitation program, using a sports massage and stretching techniques, and operating if needed. Rotator cuff doctor in San Jose even helps you prevent this injury from occurring in the first place. Many weightlifters, martial art specialists, tennis players, volleyball players, swimmers, skiers, wrestlers and gymnasts and many across all spheres of sports and other activities have been benefited from our rotator cuff doctor in San Jose . Get in touch with us to avail a service from our rotator cuff doctor in San Jose and we'll be glad to help you.