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San Jose rotator cuff doctor offers quality treatment for rotator cuff injuries at an affordable price. Your quest for an experienced San Jose rotator cuff doctor ends with us. A rotator cuff injury is an injury that occurs to 1 or more of the 4 muscles in the shoulder. Rotator cuff injuries may be experienced suddenly or associated with a specific injury such as a fall. Rotator cuff injuries get worse over time with activity that aggravates the muscle. These days rotator cuff injuries are becoming very common. Some of the causes for these injuries include poor posture, falling, lifting and repetitive overhead arm activities. Even activities such as throwing a baseball, reaching up to work on a car on a rack or placing items on shelves can result in rotator cuff injuries. If you are an athlete, you are more likely to injure your rotator cuff muscles.

Usually, treatment offered by a San Jose rotator cuff doctor involves self-care measures or exercise therapy. Other forms of treatments include steroid injections and surgery. Our San Jose rotator cuff doctor makes treatment affordable without compromising on the quality of service. If you are experiencing pain on overhead activity such as throwing or racket sports, difficulty bending the arm and rotating it outwards, experiencing pain on the outside of the shoulder, shoulder pain that gets aggravated in the night, or stiffness in shoulder joint, it's time you availed treatment from our San Jose rotator cuff doctor. Usually, a rotator cuff injury ranges from an inflammation of the muscle without any permanent damage to a complete or partial tear of the muscle that might require surgery to fix it.

Scores of weightlifters, martial art specialists, tennis players, volleyball players, swimmers, skiers, wrestlers and gymnasts and people across all professions have been treated by our San Jose rotator cuff doctor. No matter how severe the rotator cuff problem, feel free to contact us for quality treatment from a San Jose rotator cuff doctor and we'll be glad to help you. San Jose rotator cuff doctor treats rotator cuff injury by various methods such as prescribing anti-inflammatory medication, applying ultrasound or laser treatment, prescribe a rehabilitation program, using a sports massage and stretching techniques, and operating if needed. What's more, all our services come at a surprisingly affordable price. Contact us today for a consultation with our San Jose rotator cuff doctor.