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If you have shoulder pain, aches, or a rotator cuff injury, then you can count on the doctors at Janzen and Janzen

For healthy shoulders, count on highly specialized shoulder pain doctors right near San Jose, in the town of Campbell, California. If you are looking for an experienced s doctor to treat your shoulder pain, you have come to the right place on the web.

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Feeling pain in your shoulder? Looking for the best shoulder doctor in Campbell? Then you have come to the right place. Medical researchers and clinicians have found that the root cause of shoulder pain and damage is adhesions. And to get id of adhesions, you have to consult our experienced and proficient shoulder doctor in Campbell.

Our expert Dr. Leahy has launched Active Release Techniques or ART in collaboration with the UC San Diego Medical team. Active Release Techniques is the most scientific way to eliminate shoulder pain. This latest shoulder treatment has become extremely popular among all types of athletes. Professional athletes and teams like NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL etc. all over the world have now accepted Active Release Techniques as the ultimate shoulder rehabilitation procedure. It's fast and effective. The preliminary consultation, history, examination, and treatment will take just 30 minutes to one hour. Subsequent treatments take ten to fifteen minutes. You may feel while undergoing first on or two treatments. How the extent of pain differs on the basis of severity of the condition and the patient's pain tolerance. The pain is temporary and won't bother you after the treatment.

Our shoulder doctor in Campbell will always suggest you to go for the Active Release Techniques, as it is non-invasive and has no side effects. Surgery should be the ultimate step. We assure you that with the help of our shoulder doctor in Campbell , you will be able to get rid of adhesions without surgery.