Shoulder Pain Doctors in Campbell, CA

If you have shoulder pain, aches, or a rotator cuff injury, then you can count on the doctors at Janzen and Janzen

For healthy shoulders, count on highly specialized shoulder pain doctors right in the city of Campbell, California. If you are looking for an experienced s doctor to treat your shoulder pain, you have come to the right place on the web.

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Our shoulder pain doctor in Campbell will offer you the advanced treatment for your injured shoulder. If you're a weightlifter, tennis player or swimmer, your shoulder sometimes buckles under grueling training program. But, you can't afford to nurse the injury or pain. That's why our shoulder pain doctor in Campbell has developed an extremely effective treatment program to give you freedom from the niggling shoulder injury.

Thanks to Active Release Techniques or ART, the name of the program, your shoulder discomfort will vanish. Let us tell you how our innovative Active Release Techniques works. Medical researchers have found that the root cause of the shoulder injury is adhesion. Our shoulder pain doctor in Campbell first detects the adhesion with an expert, well-developed sense of touch. They are proficient in placing their fingers directly on the adhesion. Our shoulder pain doctor in Campbell knows the accurate direction in which to stretch that particular body part in order to build enough tension to tar the adhesion. You can count on our shoulder pain doctor in Campbell . They are knowledgeable enough to understand how to create enough tension to actually make the adhesion break away.

So, if you want to eliminate shoulder injury, you have to opt for this revolutionary treatment. The Active Release Techniques has really become extremely popular among the athletes and teams. Teams taking part in NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL always prefer our Active Release Techniques. We suggest you to talk to our shoulder pain doctor in Campbell before taking any decision on your damaged shoulder.