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The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body, capable of moving with over 180 degrees of motion in almost any direction. This makes it extremely unstable and susceptible to a number of shoulder pains. Shoulder pain injuries can also be caused by other factors such as bone tumor (rare), dislocation, fracture, irritation under diaphragm, septic arthritis, sprain, rachial plexus injury, cartilage tear, cervical radiculopathy, or tendonitis. Whether it is diagnosing the causes for shoulder pain or offering the right treatment taking the patient's condition into account, our shoulder pain doctor in Los Gatos in offering the right treatment. What's more, our services come at a very affordable price.

No matter what type of shoulder problem you are suffering from, simply count on our shoulder pain doctor in Los Gatos for quality treatment that is very affordable as well. Whether you wish to know the root of your shoulder problem, the most common causes, why the shoulder pain lingers or the best forms of treatment, leave the challenge to shoulder pain doctor in Los Gatos and you'll be glad for having done so. Whether your shoulder injury is due to weightlifting, martial arts, tennis, volleyball, swimming, skiing, wrestling, gymnastics, golf, bowling, skiing or any other normal activity, our shoulder pain doctor in Los Gatos can empathize with you to understand the magnitude of the problem and offer quality treatment that will not cost you a fortune.

Once the problem is diagnosed, shoulder pain doctor in Los Gatos offers various treatment methods such as active release techniques, stretching and exercises, inflammation fighters, modifying activity, nutritional support etc. We expedite the treatment process as our initial consultation, history, and examination takes a very less time. Scores of weightlifters, martial art specialists, tennis players, volleyball players, swimmers, skiers, wrestlers and gymnasts and people across all walks of life and professions have been treated by our shoulder pain doctor in Los Gatos . You can be the next one to benefit from our quality treatment that comes at an affordable price. Whether it is increasing the muscle strength, decreasing numbness and tingling, or alleviating the pain, shoulder pain doctor in Los Gatos figures out the best remedies for you. Feel free to contact us should you have any queries and our shoulder pain doctor in Los Gatos will be glad to help you.