Why shoulder pain tends to linger or get worse when adhesion problems are ignored

The Vicious Adhesion Cycle

When adhesions form anywhere in your muscles, tendons or ligaments, they put a 'kink' in the strength and flexibility of that tissue. Quite often after the adhesion has been there a while you start to feel the problem 'spread' to other areas or just simply get worse or more debilitating.

Adhesions cause weak spots that create more Constant Tension on their surroundings, causing reduced blood circulation (Hypoxia). The tissue immediately next to the adhesion gets over-worked, over stressed, has increased friction leading to Repetitive Injury and more microscopic tearing.

The Constant Tension and Repetitive Injury lead to more Inflammation and Bleeding, which then leads to even more Adhesion buildup.

The "Adhesion Cycle of Injury"


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