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Mitch Klaus

Patient Success #1568: Mitch Klaus, Gold's Gym Trainer, Competitive BodyBuilder
Activity that lead to injury: Competitive Body Building
Official Diagnosis: Impingement Syndrome, Myofascitis

I went to Dr. Janzen's office from the flyer at Gold's Gym. Having had a chronic shoulder problem for several years I was skeptical to say the least. Dr. Janzen Proceeded to evaluate my shoulder and used the ACTIVE RELEASE technique to release adhesions in my rotator cuff. After one visit my shoulders felt better than they had in years. I was able to do my full shoulder workout in the gym without serious discomfort. After four visits my shoulders (rotator cuffs) had no pain, my workouts in the gym were and are at 100%, pain free!! My visits were 3 months ago and I still have great range of motion in my shoulders and my workouts are better than ever and still pain free. Dr. Janzen and the Active Release technique helped me tremendously, I recommend it for everyone with shoulder pain like mine, I'm 1000% better.

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