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Randy Jackson

Patient Success #1547: Randy Jackson, Probation Officer, Competitive Body Builder
Activity that lead to injury: Weightlifting
Official Diagnosis: Torn Rotator Cuff, Myofascitis

I hurt my left shoulder while I was weight training. The pain was pretty much off and on for over 12 months. Most of the guys in the gym showed me a bunch of rotator cuff exercises. The exercises didn't work, so I decreased my poundage quite a bit and had to leave out quite a few of the exercises in my routine. It was getting too difficult to perform the essentials like bench press, pull ups, shoulder press, and upright rows. Being a competitive body builder, this was not good. A friend at Gold's Gym gave me the 'Shoulder Pain' flyer and told me to give Dr. Janzen a call before things got so bad I'd need surgery. After just a few weeks of ART treatment from Dr. Janzen, I was able to go heavy again in the gym with any exercise. Dr. Janzen then showed me how to prevent the injury from happening again. It feels good to know exactly what was wrong with my shoulder and how to keep it from coming back. Now I can train without reserve.

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