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Frank Lisowski

Patient Success #2201: Frank Lisowski, President, DFLA California Inc.
Activity that lead to injury: Weight lifting
Official Diagnosis: Bursitis due to Impingement and Myosfascitis

I am a 35 year old, former athlete, who tries to maintain muscle tone by training with free weights. A few months ago, I began experiencing extreme pain in my left shoulder that grew increasingly worse. It got to the point where I was only lifting 25% of my normal weight and was unable to push the workout to the point where I could actually work the muscle.

A friend who had experienced similar pain predicted I would soon have a date with a surgeon's scalpel. I then saw a flyer describing Dr. Janzen's ART method for treating shoulder pain and thought it was worth a visit. Dr. Matt Janzen was immediately able to pin point the location of the pain and predicted my problem could be overcome without surgery. After 10 visits, each one brief in duration, I sense that upwards of 90% of the pain has gone away. I am again able to push myself and perform a full free weight workout. Predictably, my strength is now returning.

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