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Joe Rao

Patient Success #1799: Joe Rao, Santa Clara County Sheriff (Retired)
Activity that lead to injury: Weightlifting, "Wear and Tear" over time
Official Diagnosis: Mild Osteoarthritis, Impingement Syndrome, Supraspinatous Tendonosis

I was having severe pain in my left shoulder for about six months. I also had a neck injury about 25 years ago which limited full movement left or right. What took me to Dr. Janzen was severe shoulder pain, which prevented me from lifting my arm above my head.

While working out at the gym, I noticed flyers from Dr. Janzen's office. The flyers related stories of two athletes with the same shoulder problem I had. So I decided to try Active Release Therapy with Dr. Janzen and slowly but surely, I was seeing improvement. As a result of his treatments, I am back to my normal weight training routine and every three weeks I have an appointment with Dr. Janzen to make sure I stay this way.

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