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Dale Gilbert

Patient Success #1904: Dale Gilbert, Tennis Player
Activity that lead to injury: Tennis
Official Diagnosis: Myofascitis ("Tennis Elbow"), Joint Dysfunction (wrist and elbow)

I developed tennis elbow earlier this year in May. Being a 5.0 tennis player and anxious to begin the Spring-Summer NCTA league, I wanted to get a quick cure. Upon the first signs of pain, I immediately went to the orthopedic department of my health care provider. I received two cortisone shots over the next 8 weeks along with physical therapy. Nothing worked and the pain in my elbow was still as severe as ever. Needless to say, I was not playing tennis and, in fact, I had missed the entire tennis league season.

Fortunately, through some inquiry, I discovered information about the ART technique which led me to Dr. Janzen. In addition to the ART treatments, Dr. Janzen gave me specific physical therapy for my problem. Together with approximately 11 treatments over the next 4-5 weeks and the physical therapy, my elbow has healed to the point of allowing me to get back on the tennis courts. I am continuing the physical therapy and the muscle strengthening exercises while slowly working my way back into tennis shape. At present, I feel no effects of any pain from tennis elbow. I'll soon be back at my previous level of playing.

Thank you, Dr. Janzen.

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