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Steve Shead

Patient Success #1562: Steve Shead, Martial Arts Expert, Program Manager
Activity that lead to injury: Repeated trauma from Martial Arts, Weightlifting
Official Diagnosis: Torn Rotator Cuff, Tendonitis, Impingement

My shoulder pain began gradually about a year ago, but escalated to such a severe degree it affected almost every aspect of my performance in martial arts as well as weight training. I couldn't lift my arm above shoulder height and would have sleepless nights through persistent pain. The pain would come and go, but it kept getting worse. I didn't want to go to my doctor for fear of him telling me I needed surgery. I couldn't bear to take six months or more out of training, that would kill me, not to mention having three inch scars on my shoulder. I couldn't train properly, I couldn't sleep properly and I was getting frustrated, bitter and, yes, depressed. One day I was walking up the stairs at Gold's Gym in Campbell and I saw a blue flyer that had the heading 'Shoulder Pain'. It appeared that there were others in my situation, you know, dreading surgery and dreading the training because of the pain. It seemed like a long shot, but I had to do something. I did. After 2 months of intensive ART with Dr. Janzen I now have full range of motion in both shoulders and absolutely no pain at all. In fact, I have increased range of motion and added strength and flexibility, not to mention confidence through lack of pain. I cannot put a price on getting my life back. I would recommend this to anyone and with full conviction say it works and it works extremely well. Thanks to Dr. Janzen I have resumed full training at full weight and have competed in a martial arts tournament, all with no pain. I have my life back - God only knows how grateful I am for that.

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