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Jeff Henning

Patient Success #1883: Jeff Henning, Pitcher, Sonoma State University
Activity that lead to injury: Pitching
Official Diagnosis: Impingement due to Myofascitis

As I started off my 2001 spring baseball season (April) for Mission Jr. College, I could not throw a baseball. For a pitcher, like myself, if you can't throw, you don't play. No pitcher wants that. The entire summer and continuing into the fall season 2001 (September), I couldn't throw. I had sharp pain, like a nail going into my right shoulder. It hurt so bad I couldn't sleep or throw a ball. I started going to a Sports Doctor / Orthopedist and had an MRI done. The doctor found some swelling and said my shoulder wasn't 'sitting right'. He gave me a cortisone shot and put me on physical therapy, saying, 'If this doesn't work, you may need surgery.' It was short-term relief. The pain was back. I was in trouble. Just a few months away from the 2002 school season, the shortstop on our team (Andy Harmon) provided me with some information about a doctor who could help me with my pitching arm. Andy said the doctor had this treatment (A.R.T.) that has helped himself and others. I took Andy's advice and went to Dr. Janzen. As I continued to see him for treatments I was able to gain strength in my arm again and was able to throw for the first time in 5 months. After about three and a half weeks, I was about 85-90% improved. I finished the fall season and started my spring 2002 season with no pain. With Dr. Janzen's treatments, I was able to get a scholarship to Sonoma State University based on my performance in the 2002 spring season. Dr. Janzen has helped me understand how important it is to read my pain and address it immediately. I have a lot of respect and appreciation for all he has done for me and my family. My dad and mom were so pleased and amazed at my recovery that they are now patients of Dr. Janzen.

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