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Rev. Bruce Wade

Patient Success #1055: Rev. Bruce Wade,
Activity that lead to injury: Fall/Trauma
Official Diagnosis: Rotator Cuff Tear

One day while working on my roof I slipped and fell. I used my left arm to catch hold of the roof, and I felt a sharp, painful tear in my shoulder. Since then I had been suffering with constant and severe pain in my left shoulder for over four months. When I saw my regular doctor for it I was told by a doctor that it might require surgery.

After meeting with Dr. Janzen, he immediately identified and explained to me the muscle and joint problems I was having. After only my first visit I had measurable improvement! Dr. Janzen told me in my first visit that it would take six to eight weeks before I would be back to 90 or 95%. My joy is that he was exactly right. Now after about four months my shoulder is completely healed and in fact because of recommended stretching and strengthening exercises it is stronger than any time in my life -- and I'm almost forty-nine years old.

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