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Cary Stover

Patient Success #1729: Cary Stover, MBA, Director of Materials, JDS Uniphase
Activity that lead to injury: Sitting at Computer/Desk - Repetitive Strain Injury
Official Diagnosis: Impingement Syndrome, Tendonosis of Rotator Cuff Tendons, Myofascitis

Thank heavens I picked up that blue piece of paper in the gym a couple of months ago entitled 'Shoulder Pain'!

For more than ten years, and probably fifteen years I suffered from shoulder pain, which at times limited my activities and at times was so intense that I had my wife checking for a tumor. My shoulder would hurt so much that I wondered if I had bone cancer. From time to time, during this 10-15 year stretch I would visit an orthopedic who would tell me I had bursitis and to do the best I could, oh, and here is a handful of anti-inflammatory pills.

Well, in the Spring I visited yet another orthopedic, and received a prescription for some anti-inflammatory pills. After sitting down and reading the several pages of warnings concerning this drug, I decided this was not an acceptable route.

Fortunately, as I struggled, and I mean struggled through a workout at the gym I noticed the blue piece of paper on the wall. Folks I cannot say enough. I am now doing exercises that I had cut out of my routine several years ago. I now hit golf balls without cringing. I can now enjoy an evening without the constant pain that I used to have. I am looking forward to increasing my gym visits and putting my body back into the shape it used to be in. Thank you, Dr. Janzen!

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