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Rich Burton

Patient Success #1566: Rich Burton, Air Traffic Controller SJC
Activity that lead to injury: Skiing
Official Diagnosis: Torn Rotator Cuff, Myofascitis

My shoulder pain began in early 2000 when I took a dive while skiing. I heard a pop in my shoulder and the pain came on immediately. I was in constant pain that affected my everyday life; I couldn't lie on my shoulder to sleep, wrestle with my four year old or even throw the football around with him. I went to my doctor who just gave me some pain killers and anti-inflammatories. They didn't work so I finally went to an orthopedic specialist. He sent me away saying I had torn my rotator cuff and if the medications don't work, I'll need surgery. A friend of mine at Gold's Gym gave me the shoulder pain flyer on Active Release and said to give it a try. I was pretty skeptical about the results I could get because of what the orthopedist had said. After the exam, Dr. Janzen went to work on both of my shoulders. A few weeks later, I am able to throw the football around with my son, can sleep on either shoulder, and can do all of my daily activities with no pain.

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