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BJ Penn

Patient Success #1945: BJ Penn, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, UFC #1 Lightweight Contender
Activity that lead to injury: Repeated trauma from Martial Arts, Punching
Official Diagnosis: Tendonitis, Myofascitis

I originally went in to see Dr. Janzen for a pretty severe low back problem. While he fixed my back with ART, my left shoulder started to 'go out' from all the punching and training. It was getting painful to turn my punches as well as my neck. At the same time, I was getting runners knee on the left to the point I couldn't do any cardio. With a title fight coming up I needed my body in better shape than this. I went in to Dr. Janzen to see if the ART could fix it. Sure enough, within four treatments, the shoulder felt more and the knee was back to normal. Now that I'm training in Hawaii (Big Island), I sure wish there was an ART practitioner here. Can't wait for you guys to come out for the Ironman championships in October.

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