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Sally Lance

Patient Success #1541: Sally Lance,
Activity that lead to injury: Idopathic Onset (Cause of Frozen Shoulder frequently unknown)
Official Diagnosis: Adhesive Capsulitis / Frozen Shoulder

After several months of seeing different doctors (a chiropractor, medical doctor, rheumatologist, and orthopedic surgeon) to help me determine what was wrong with my shoulders, I was finally diagnosed with bilateral adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder on both sides). By that time, I was in constant pain day and night, and my range of motion was very limited.

The orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed me with frozen shoulder advised me to wait until the inflammation was reduced (adhesive stage) before beginning physical therapy. He told me, by that time, I would be as stiff as a board. He actually laughed at this prospect. I did not want to sit around and wait until that happened to me.

I was already at the point of not being able to lift my arm high enough to shave my underarms. I could not zip or tie dresses in the back. More importantly, I simply was not enjoying life due to constant pain and loss of sleep. I couldn't lay on either side so I had to sleep on my back.

My husband, Curt, began searching on the Internet for more information on frozen shoulder. He discovered a new treatment called Active Release Therapy. I began seeing Dr. Matthew Janzen, Chiropractor for ART in October 2000. After only six sessions I could feel a difference in my pain level. I was on the mend and knew I had made the right decision to seek alternative methods.

It has been a long and painful process, but now after five months of treatment, I have 90 percent range of motion in one arm and 75 percent in the other. Dr. Janzen has released me to work on my own at home with exercises and stretches. He is confident that complete range of motion will return in both arms. I cannot thank Dr. Janzen enough for first of all, giving me hope and secondly, for his dedication in helping me. I recommend Active Release Therapy combined with regular chiropractic adjustments to anyone who has been diagnosed with frozen shoulder.


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