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Rob Furlano

Patient Success #1564: Rob Furlano, Pitcher, Program Manager
Activity that lead to injury: Repeated trauma from Martial Arts, Weightlifting
Official Diagnosis: Torn Rotator Cuff, Myofascitis, Impingement

For the last four years, both of my shoulders had become so plagued by injuries that I had not had a pain-free workout since 1997. By the latter part of last year, it had gotten to the point where a simple movement such as tuning the radio station in my car had become intolerable! Needless to say, my workouts in both weights and martial arts suffered, and my everyday life was often experienced with a grimace of pain. I saw the flyer describing the ART technique used by Dr. Janzen and remembered the Muscle & Fitness article immediately. Being skeptical of miracle cures, I expected to have some relief, but did not set my expectations too high. After only 4 treatments, I was able to move my shoulders in all directions, without pain. Two treatments later, I experienced my first pain-free workout since '97. I am now completely pain-free and able to do any activity I want with no reservations.

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