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JD Penn

Patient Success #2129: JD Penn, Fight Manager for BJ Penn, Family Business Owner
Activity that lead to injury: Wrestling, Martial Arts
Official Diagnosis: Torn rotator cuff, Cervical disc bulge / Neck Injury

I hurt my shoulder when my left arm was caught in an 'arm-bar' while I was wrestling (jiu-jitsu / submission). My neck was wrenched backwards and to the right while my left arm went backwards and to the left. As I attempted an escape move, I felt immediate pain in the shoulder and up the neck. The pain quickly got worse and I started to get numbness and tingling in the arm. I couldn't wrestle or even lift weights. After a few weeks, nothing improved. I finally went to the orthopedist where they performed an MRI and said I had a disc bulge in my neck and tore some muscles in my shoulder. They sent me to physical therapy, which helped a little with the pain, but I still couldn't wrestle or lift weights at all. I was getting frustrated with the results and it was going on 4 years of inactivity and pain. It was getting to the point where I didn't know if my shoulder and neck could even get any better. I hopped online and started surfing the net for some answers. I came across Active Release Techniques and was referred to Dr. Janzen. After just one treatment of ART, the numbness and tingling in the arm was gone. After the second visit, my neck pain was gone. After the fifth visit, all the pain was gone. I was lifting weights, wrestling, and fighting with absolutely no pain. It has been almost nine months now and still no pain. Thanks for your help.

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