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Mike Leis

Patient Success #1541: Mike Leis, Martial Artist
Activity that lead to injury: Martial Arts
Official Diagnosis: Chronic Shoulder Subluxation/Dislocation, Myofascitis

I started seeing Dr. Matt Janzen for my shoulder. I had dislocated it many years back and it had become a 'trick' shoulder (dislocating very easily) since. It was so bad at one point that I would dislocate it in my sleep while rolling over. With working out and certain types of guarding reactions I've been able to keep my shoulder from dislocating regularly but when I decided to try martial arts training, I realized how little I had done to improve my shoulder and how weak it really was. After dislocating it during training I was seeking advice, which is how I came to hear of Janzen & Janzen. I had heard good things about them and if I tried it and it wasn't useful I could still try surgery.

In just two sessions I started noticing a definite improvement in my shoulders strength and mobility. In just a few weeks, the shoulder felt very solid. The active release techniques have been truly beneficial and, I feel, essential in speeding the recovery process.

Not only has the treatment affected my physical being but it has also helped my self-esteem tremendously. I used to feel like I was broken, unable to participate in certain activities because my shoulder was not up to it. Now I have renewed enthusiasm toward activities that are physically challenging.

I was extremely skeptical about chiropractic procedures but even more so about surgery so in my efforts to avoid the surgical alternative I have found chiropractic and active release procedures to be highly effective. I would recommend giving it a try before deciding to go under the knife. Also, after being treated for an injury, I am now interested in chiropractic for general maintenance of my body.

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