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Mike H.

Patient Success #2365: Mike H., CHP Officer, 3rd degree Black Belt
Activity that lead to injury: Weightlifting, Martial Arts
Official Diagnosis: Impingement Syndrome due to Myofascitis

I had shoulder pain with decreased motion for nearly 8 years as a result of weight training injuries and martial arts. The injuries forced me to alter my workouts and exercise programs. Any time I lifted or had a hard martial arts workout, my shoulder pain would increase. I didn't seek any treatment for the problem because I assumed I would need surgery to repair the damage. I heard of Dr. Janzen and ART through several sources. One was an article in Black Belt Magazine. The article seemed to address the same problems I had. I then found out that a co-worker was seeing Dr. Janzen and was very pleased with his results. After all that and seeing Dr. Janzen's informationals at Gold's Gym I finally gave them a call. As a result of the ART treatments, I am 95% better than when I first started. My weight training and martial arts training is great. I have even started taking tumbling lessons and recommended Dr. Janzen to my wife.

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