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Ray Vargus

Patient Success #2109: Ray Vargus, Student, Recreational Weightlifter
Activity that lead to injury: Weightlifting, Martial Arts
Official Diagnosis: Impingement Syndrome due to Myofascitis

For over two years I had continuous shoulder problems as a direct result of weight training. Over the course of two years, I tried everything I could think of to help lessen the pain and enable me to have pain free and unrestricted workouts. I tried going to a personal trainer to learn the proper form and techniques of working out. I learned a variety of rotator cuff exercises to strengthen and stabilize my shoulder muscles. I saw a chiropractor in the hopes that my shoulder pain was a result of poor alignment.

Each of the above mentioned things did help my quest to relieve some of the existing pain however, none of those solutions were playing any significant role in the elimination of my shoulder pain. I had seen Dr. Janzen's flyers at Gold's Gym and had walked by them a million times. After a lot of deliberation I decided to go see Dr. Matt Janzen. In the first consultation he told me that he thought her could provide me 90-100% improvements in 10-12 visits or less. As of today, I have seen him 11 times, and just like he promised I am 90% improved. Now, I am back to lifting heavier, back to getting stronger, and most importantly back to seeing new results.

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